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Church Planting

– EST. 2017 –

A call for all followers of Christ to actively share the truth of the Gospel to people that God brings into our life. This truth will set you free. Free to live fully in the joy that only Christ can offer. Gathering together for worship with all who see our need for Jesus Christ to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Meeting together consistently, encouraging each other to press on toward the prize of eternal life with Christ in Heaven!

Vision Statement:

It is our goal to plant reproducing, indigenous, Anabaptist, mission-minded churches among the Khmer people that will glorify God the Father.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to follow Christ by serving all of our neighbors with dignity, hospitality and generosity, in such a way that they encounter Christ’s love and saving grace!

University Dorms

– EST. 2021 –

Our dorm students come from all over Cambodia to study at an array of Universities scattered around Phnom Penh. We provide low cost housing to them and offer them free classes such as English, Computer, Bible, Music and Finance management. 

English Classes

– EST. 2017 –

We believe that by teaching English to our community we will enable them to find better job opportunities and excel in life. Unlike many schools in Cambodia we focus on speaking and pronunciation. We also encourage our teachers to build healthy relationships with the students so that we can make a positive impact on their lives.

Financial Education

– EST. 2020 –

By providing quality financial education to our community members, we empower them to make wise financial decisions. By making wise decisions today our community will see lasting effects long into the future.

Community Health Education

– EST. 2022 –

Proper health and hygiene are vital to living a long healthy life. By providing good education to our communities we enable them to live healthier lives. We regularly visit different locations to ensure the group members are following proper hygienic guidelines, taking their medications and answer different questions they have.