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INSTill Sponsorship Program instill: gradually but firmly establish an idea or attitude in a person's mind

  • Through the INSTill Sponsorship Program our vision is to partner with Khmer families to enable their children to complete high school education. Lack of money, proper documentation and motivation are just a few of the reasons Khmer children are not sent to school. More than just providing funds, our purpose is to encourage families to prioritize education, as well as assist the families in communication with the schools and education officials for proper documentation, etc. The vision of INSTill Sponsorship program is to give a hand-up rather than a hand-out, to empower families with the knowledge and experience to give their children a bright future. To instill hope and vision in their hearts. As the Khmer saying goes, ‘Drop by drop the cup is filled.’


    In Khmer culture it is common for older children become the financial supporters of the family starting as young as 12 years old. Not having had the opportunity to get an education or learn a skill, they often go to work in the clothing factories where they are over-worked and under paid. Once they start in the factories, they never have the opportunity to study or learn a skill that will help them get a better job. Young girls are sometimes sent to work in the KTV (karaoke) bars where they’re at risk of ending up in the sex industry. Once they start down one of these paths the cycle of poverty continues unbroken from generation to generation.


    In other situations, families try to send their children to school, but the legal paperwork required for them to continue to high school is often complicated. Not having the connections or motivational support, many parents give up and decide to pull their child from school and have them start working.


    Through our different programs we have connections with many families in our neighborhood who face difficulties educating their children. Born out of a desire to see the cycle of poverty broken for these children, we have a vision to start a sponsorship program that will fund these children through high school. But more than just a financial hand out for these families, we want to give life to their dreams of a better future. We want to instill in them the value of working hard and not giving up. Through all of this our ultimate goal is always to give the message of hope that Jesus Christ brings to this broken world.

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